My Bullet Journal for 2018

My Bullet Journal for 2018

Hey guys! Happy New Year’s Eve! Do y’all have anything planned to celebrate the new year? We usually go to my parents and sit around a fire, snuggled in blankets while making s’mores!

So in my last post I mentioned that one of my goals for the new year was to journal some of my habits in a bullet journal-esq style. Well, that turned into a rabbit hole of looking up YT videos and searching Pinterest. My mom has been bullet journaling for a little while now and invited me to go to Michael’s Craft store to test out some of the products usually used for bullet journaling like washi tape, stamp, and pens.


So today I wanted to share my progress so far in my bullet journal. I’ve set up my year long pages as well as most of my pages for January! It’s so fun to doodle and try out new layouts. My theme for January is snowflakes and the color blue. I plan to buy a new Tombow marker every month to theme my monthly spreads and by then end of the year I will have a nice collection of colors to use for 2019!

My journal and pen collection so far! I also use a pencil to pre draw my lines, and an eraser.
Simple introduction to the new year!
Love my little cacti


yes, I cheated a little and wrote book down that I finished 2 days ago
Still need to do some coloring
I am most excited to see how my year of workouts turns out!
I just search Pinterest for ideas and copy the ones I like


I love the way this spread turned out


I used washi tape from Michael’s for this spread
some of my little habits are silly to track but I get so much satisfaction ticking them off

Do you bullet journal? I hope my spreads serve as inspiration! Would you like to see more of these posts, maybe on a monthly basis, sort of like a plan with me? Let me know!




2018 Goals!

2018 Goals!


Hey guys! How are things? I skipped out on last weeks post, poor planning on my part. Anyway I am here today to talk about the new year and goals I plan to set for myself. I’m not usually one to make resolutions etc. for new year, but recently I have been thinking that there may be a few things that I want to accomplish in the coming year, and what better time to write these things down. (Plus 18 is my favorite number.) Maybe writing things down will help to manifest them into reality!

Recently I came across a YouTube video by Carah Amelie who talks about all of the books she’s read through the last half of the year. This girl can read! While watching her video I felt so inspired to pick up a book that I’ve had sitting by my bed for probably a year now. Isn’t that a shame? Haha. Now that Ollie can entertain himself for a while and goes to bed at a reasonable time, I feel like I actually have time to read. So I am making it my goal to read more in the coming year and possibly write some posts about them.

So, a goal is something you aim for in hopes of completing or achieving, right? I would like to do some form of bullet journaling and just keep track of how many workouts I complete throughout the year or how many books I read. Just something for fun, a creative, analytical outlet if you will.

Another goal I have is to put all of the printed photos I have of our little family into photo albums. I’ve done a good job at printing the pictures from my phone periodically, but they just stay in the photo holders in a drawer. A few years ago after a trip to Colorado I was talking to my dad who encouraged me to print out our photos. He said that no one seems to print pictures like they used to. It’s true, a lot of people just let pictures pile up on their phone, then either get a new phone or break their phone and lose the memories. It’s nice to have something to hold and see, that everyone can look back on- and pictures can be passed on for years!

There are plenty of things that I could write down, but for now these few goals are good enough for me. I know myself, if I set too many goals, none of them will end up happening. As I accomplish these, I will replace them with new goals-I mean, it doesn’t take a year to do the things I have listed, but I have to be realistic here.

What are your goals for the new year?



Louisiana Snow Day!

Louisiana Snow Day!

Y’all it legit snowed in Southwest Louisiana! Andrew woke me up when he was going to work earlyyyy in the morning and told me it had snowed. I didn’t believe him because he is always joking around but he showed me a few pics on Facebook to prove it. I jumped out of bed and went outside to find a winter wonderland! And if you listened closely, you could hear others out in the neighborhood enjoying the snow! I was seriously overtaken with many different emotions! The excitement was unreal! It continued to snow for hours and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced! The weather was cold enough for the snow to last all day long around town and it was such an odd sight to see. Snowmen were found in almost everyones yards along the way to work, so neat!

There was so much snow that it looks like some of these photos were shot in black and white!


Thanks for stopping by!



An Open Letter to My Son

An Open Letter to My Son

I am here to document all of the little things I love about YOU.


I love how you wake up in the mornings and just play quietly in your bed. I love to watch you entertain yourself for the longest time playing with tags on blankets, washrags, toys, and anything you can find. I love to look back at you in the truck to see you just watching the world go by. I love how you notice everything, such the observer. I love when you see yourself in the mirror and can’t stop smiling. I love how you lean your head back to watch the fan slow down when I flip it off. I love to hear you giggle when you notice Wendy (the cat), and know that she is ‘something.’ I love your belly laughs and how you play with my ear when you are falling asleep. I love your little toothy grin and the little dimples by your cheeks. I love the little sound you make when you yawn. I love that you are the most chill, sweetest baby ever. I love to watch you grow everyday. And most of all I love the person you have helped me become. You are mine and I love you forever!



November Favorites and Not So Favorites 2017

November Favorites and Not So Favorites 2017

Y’all, what the heck happened to November?! Where has this year gone? I swear it was JUST February and I was having my baby! People have always told me time flies after high school, which is true, but gah lee how quickly it flies when you have child(ren)! Anyway, heres to another monthly favorites!


-Anything from the Juvenile album- Reality Check- from 2006 (haha) something about it just brings out the inner wild girl in me. Also brings back memories from high school, riding up and down Ryan Street jamming music with tons of bass, turned up way too loud!


Rockstar by Post Malone– Terrible words, but I can’t stop jamming it. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can’t be, right?

-Unforgettable by French Montana & J. Balvin- was this in last months faves? I don’t remember y’all. If it was, I’m still jamming it! I only like the Spanish version though, I don’t even know what the english version says!


-Essence Lash Princess Volumizing Mascara– This one is WAY better than the purple tube I tried out last month! Definitely adds volume to the lashes as you would expect, doesn’t get clumpy, is SO cheap, and cruelty free of course! I am looking forward to trying out more from Essence.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 8.29.46 PM

-Wet n Wild One Step Wondergel nail polish- ok so I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t had this nail polish all month, but I do have other shades in this line and I LOVE them. This polish literally takes one coat, dries quickly, and lasts forever. The one coat thing isn’t true for all of the shades but definitely true for this emerald green shade Un-Teal Next Time, and the dusty rose shade in Stay Classy. I’ll keep y’all posted on other colors I come across with the same quality, but seriously run out and buy these!


-Hard Candy Primer Spray- This is definitely a flop for me. I have dry/normal skin so I thought this would be awesome to use as a setting spray to take away some of the powdery look. How wrong was I? This claims to be oil free but when you spray it, you can literally see where the droplets fall on your face, along with on the counter. It totally feels and smells like baby oil. I’ve tried it as a primer instead of a setting spray and it did okay. I didn’t find that it made much of a difference, not enough to recommend it at least.  I even tried spraying my beauty sponge with it when blending out my concealer to help add moisture back into my skin- again, didn’t do much.



-Nuby teeth and gum cleaner- This comes with a little finger tooth brush and baby toothpaste that smells like an orange push pop or orange cream sickle. It’s a good idea to get babies used to teeth brushing even before their chompers come out. My dentist told me that it’s important to use the baby toothpaste so that the minty-ness in adult toothpaste doesn’t burn their little mouth and make them not like teeth brushing. Ollie has 6 teeth now so we are brushing teeth like nobody’s business over here!


-Baby hats and beanies- We were gifted all of the beanies and hats we have for Ollie so I’m not quite sure where they came from but little man looks so cute with his little noggin warmers on!


-Target brand diapers- We’ve been using these for a few months now but I figured it’d be good to mention them. If you’re looking for a decently priced brand of diaper, try these! They seem so thin and as if they would be non absorbent, but they have definitely proved me wrong. The tee overflow in these are far and few in between, even overnight!

I’d love to know what you’re loving! Thanks for stopping by!



My Health & Fitness Philosophy

My Health & Fitness Philosophy

Hi All! How are things? Winding down from Thanksgiving over here and enjoying the (very quick) transition into Christmastime. Ideally I should be done or nearly done with holiday shopping by now…. womp womp. Anyway, this post is going to be a quick trip down the story of my health and fitness journey and how my lifestyle has evolved into what it is these days!

Rewind back to middle school days where I literally ate 4 Reeses peanut butter cups and a coke every day for lunch, and the summer nights where I stayed up all night watching So Weird on Disney eating Oreos and peanut butter straight from the jar – only to sleep the entire next day away and repeat it all over again the next night. Back then, I knew nothing about healthy eating. And exercise? Oh you mean what they forced me to do in P.E.? UGH

Moving on a few years- I can remember around freshman year in High school, going on my first diet- the Atkins Diet- AKA low carb. Lots of meat and cheese and veggies. I lost a reasonable amount of weight and was able to semi follow the diet rules for the next few years. But looking back, ordering Little Caesars pizzas and eating the entire pizza’s worth of cheese and meat toppings is not healthy. Skinny does not equal healthy.

A few years after high school a boyfriend payed for my gym membership and we would go and workout together. I didn’t really know what I was doing but it felt good to be doing SOMETHING. At that point in time my eating was still semi low carb but I wasn’t on any specific “diet.” After that membership (and relationship) expired, the gym was out of my life for a little while at least.

FF to a few years later (again) and I met my now husband who was totally into working out. We would go to the gym together and he taught me everything I know about weight training. I became obsessed with following fitness models’ regimens, reading about manipulating nutrition, exercises, and following fitness experts on social media. I changed my diet and cut out fast food, I stuck to “clean eating” aka lots of veggies and meats and “healthier” carbohydrates. Eventually this lead me down a dark hole of barely eating and always working out. I lost a significant amount of weight and people were constantly telling me I was “withering away.” I’m not sure why hearing people say things like that about my weight fueled the fire to eat even less food and work out harder. WHY?!

At some point in the mix of all this I got married and met a really great friend, who long story short, helped me to see what I was doing exactly. I started educating myself on something called intuitive eating (truly listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues.) I participated in an online challenge put on by Jamie Mendell- that simply told me eat whatever I desired and however much I wanted to eat. This may sound silly to some of you, but when you have restricted yourself for a period of time, allowing yourself to have no rules with food is a scary thing! After battling the crazy thoughts in my head for a while, I spoke with a therapist who helped me to focus my energy on things that make me happy, and to find other things that I enjoy spending time on (other than food and gym.) Life is more than what you look like or what you put on your dinner plate! If you fill your life with the things that make you truly happy, you won’t need to fill the emptiness with food. It literally took me YEARS to find a REAL healthy place with food and exercise. I still wonder sometimes if I am eating enough or too much, but I have learned that my body will signal for more food if it needs more or maybe I will go longer between meals if I ate a little too much. Your body is smarter than you think, it will find your natural “set point,” all you have to do is listen!

These days as a wife, mom, and working woman, I go to the gym when I can. I don’t have aesthetic fitness goals. I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day, week, or month(s) of going to the gym. I do home workouts, join fitbit challenges, and try to walk as much as I can. As far as eating goes, I have learned that I feel best eating mostly plant based. I don’t eat as much as some people and thats okay. OH also, I eat chocolate everyday! Another thing I learned is that when you allow yourself to have the things you think you can’t have because you thing you’ll eat the whole lot of it, you desire them less and less- and are satisfied by smaller amounts of it. The more you tell yourself you can’t have something, the more you want it. Trust me.

Eat the chocolate, enjoy the dinner with your family, treat yoself! Life is short, don’t spend half of it dieting and fretting over fitting into a certain size. Eat to be healthy, exercise in ways that make you happy and feel good. Really listen to what your body is asking for!

If you managed to make it through to the end, thanks for reading! I hope I have helped you in some way or another.



ColourPop Unfinished Business Collection!

ColourPop Unfinished Business Collection!

Hey y’all! A little while ago I shared my post my makeup wishlist, if you missed it, you can read it here. I am excited to say that I have picked up one of the things from that list already! I decided on the Unfinished Business Collection from Colourpop because it was unlike anything I have in my collection of eyeshadows. Plus, I’ve never owned any single shadows so I am excited to finally have (get) a Z-Pallet. Why is that so exciting for me?! Anyway, I ordered the shadows on a Wednesday night and received them a week later, waiting on mail always seems to take for-ev-ver! I finally got around to taking a few pics and swatching the shadows. Please excuse the lighting in the first pic, I was too excited to wait for natural lighting.


This set was $22 but when you sign up for their newsletter they give you a discount code for $5 off of the total. Not too shabby.

Left to right: Lucky You-Koi-Two Birds-Fortune Cookie-Facet-Roundhouse
Left to right: Two Birds-Koi-Lucky You-Fortune Cookie-Facet-Roundhouse

I am living for Koi, Fortune Cookie, and Facet. Red and orange shades really make my green eyes POP! I am excited to try these shadows out and rock them this Fall and Winter.


Have you tried anything from ColourPop? If so what is your favorite product? If not, what would you like to try?

Thanks for stopping by!