October Favorites (and not so favorites) 2017

October Favorites (and not so favorites) 2017

Starting this blog seemed to fall perfectly with one of my favorite things to share- my monthly favorites! And it just so happens to be my favorite month! This month has flown by- How does the time seem to pass so much more quickly when you’re “adulting?!” In these monthly posts I will tell y’all all about everything I’ve been loving, and not loving as much, through the month. I’m so excited to write this post so lets just begin!


Unforgettable by French Montana- the Latin version in particular. I literally listen to this song on repeat, as I do with all songs that are my favorite. I have been on a Spanish music kick for a while now. The beat is just so catchy- catchy enough to get me dancing in my seat while driving around town, and I’m no dancer. And even though I can’t quite understand it ALL, I love singing along. Listening to music in another language is a great way to familiarize yourself with the way the words are spoken. Tip from my friend who is helping me with my Spanish!

Hasta el Amanecer by Nicky Jam– another Spanish tune! This translates to “until sunrise.” Everything I said above applies to this song! Definitely take a listen!



Wet n Wild highlighter in “precious petals”– I pulled this highlight out of the back of my makeup drawer and have been loving using it lately. Wet n Wild absolutely hit it out of the park with this highlight in particular (I can’t speak for the other shades because I haven’t used them). I love the fact that this is such an affordable beauty product, not to mention that it is cruelty free. Try for yourself and see!

-Face serum– I truly believe that less is more when it comes to face/skin care. My skin care routine doesn’t consist of much at all. However, as I am getting older I am trying to focus on keeping my skin moisturized and protected from the sun. After watching a few YouTube videos (my guilty pleasure), I decided that I wanted to try out a serum. I have dry skin so the one I picked out contains hyaluronic acid- which says that it helps the skin retain moisture. I use this every night before bed by mixing it in with my moisturizer and rubbing it into my face and neck. And y’all, I found this at Marshall’s for about 6$, serums are a lot cheaper than I imagined they would be. Bonus! this brand, Measurable Difference, is also cruelty free! I definitely feel like it has helped to keep my skin feeling plump and hydrated.


-Essence Lash Princess Mascara– At the beginning of the month I purchased two of the Essence brand mascaras to try out. I was super excited that I may possibly find a new holy grail mascara to use that would be cheap and cruelty free. (Jambeauty89 on youtube   made me buy it.) So far I have only tried the tube with the purple writing- sculpted volume. I don’t feel like this mascara does much for my eyelashes unless I layer it on, but when I layer on the product it can become clumpy. I did notice a tiny bit of flaking a time or two. Also, when I wash mascara off with my face wash in the shower, I can not stand to have to scrub my eyes or get out of the shower to find that I have raccoon eyes. I find that this mascara takes some effort to remove despite being waterproof. Now with all of that being said, this is a decent mascara for the “natural look” days with one thin coat applied from the middle to the end of the lash!


-ELF Brow Pencil– I LOVE this product! Found by a friend shopping around at Target, she turned me on to it! The shade selection is limited but this mechanical brow pencil is a definite must try if you can find a shade that complements you hair color. For the longest time I swore by the NYX micro brow pencils- which I absolutely love but those run about 10$. The ELF pencil is a fraction of the cost at 2$ and double the product! The ELF pencil isn’t as thin as the NYX pencil but I haven’t had any issues with application.

elf brow



-Booties– I love these cute little camel colored booties from Payless. Booties are the perfect staple for Fall wardrobes. I just feel so “put together” and fashionable when I wear them. It helps to have friends who can help style you when you don’t have much of an eye for fashion!




-Frankenstein coffee mug– I love using seasonal mugs during their intended seasons!




American Horror Story: Cult- Some of these episodes are off the wall. But once I start a show I have to watch them all. I did the same thing with all of the Saw movies and the Paranormal Activity movies no matter how lame the became.

-Riverdale- I don’t know if I can actually count this as a monthly favorite because I literally binge watched the entire first season on Netflix in 1.5 days. Thanks to my friend for the suggestion. I am up to date on the current episode and am currently watching it as it comes on TV. I finished watching the season on Netflix just in time to catch the newest season I real time! The characters just sucked me right in. Their names are a bit odd, apparently the names were taken from the Archie Comics that are in this newspaper. Veronica’s brows and hair are on point and Archie, that poor boy! I Definitely suggest checking out this series if you are in need of a new show to watch!


If you have any recommendation for cruelty free mascaras please share with me! What are some of your monthly favorites? Do you have differing opinions on any products i’ve tried this month? I would love to know if they worked for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Jess







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  1. Ahh i really need to get my hands on precious petals! great post 🙂 hope you can check out my blog sometime too! I cant wait to see your future posts ❤
    I do agree

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