Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a little bit of my day yesterday! At work each year for Halloween we have door decorating and costume contests. This year my department did Harry Potter! We had a Professor McGonagall, Belatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter, and a few Hogwarts students! I was a Hogwarts student, my coworker and I scored big time at Goodwill for our costumes. Our door (as you can see in the featured image,) is Platform 9 3/4! I am so proud of our door, we used a sponge and red and brown paint to make the bricks (Pinterest saved the day.) We also had free invisibility cloaks and tickets to board the train. We will get to vote today on costumes and doors, I hope we win!

Bonus! My wand from Universal Studios came in handy!

After the workday, I changed into my Flash (super hero) t-shirt to match my son and husband, and we did our yearly trick-or-treating with my Niece and sis n law. I love our little Halloween traditions. And I am so glad Ollie had a good time for his first Halloween! It’s so funny to watch him take everything in, and funny to know that he has never seen anything like that in his life! I hope he grows to love this Holiday as much as I do!

Did y’all do anything fun and exciting? What did you dress up as? Does your job do anything special for Halloween? Do you have any traditions? TELL ME! I’d love to know!


Thanks for stopping by!

xo Jess


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