Why I decided to switch from YouTube to WordPress

Why I decided to switch from YouTube to WordPress


Today I got this burst of inspiration to write, do you know what I mean? Just a good feeling on the inside, good vibes. It could be the weather, or the good sleep I got last night, or just the fact that blogging just FEELS like it suits me better than making videos did.

I guess I should give some background on the whole situation. I am an avid beauty YouTube video watcher and I have thought for a while that it would be fun to create videos on my own. So 9 or so videos in and I had already learned a lot about myself etc. Now I will share why I decided to switch platforms.

-I felt like I put too much pressure on myself to always have and buy the latest and greatest products to review and talk about. Now, I do realize that could be the same case in blogging as well if I let it. But with blogging I can just speak my mind if I wanted to, like I am now! (As well as in videos, but words flow better from my fingers than they do my mouth.)

-Blogging truly feels like a creative outlet for me and not like a “job,” I could care less if anyone reads this, it is just fun for me! Of course I am glad to have you here, reading my post, and for that I thank you 🙂

-I feel like I can more easily express myself through writing because I have the time to sort out my thoughts. For me, in the few videos I made, it took a while to become comfortable and there were plenty of times that I had to re-record videos because I just couldn’t get across what I was wanting to explain.

-Having a baby has made me realize that I do not want to constantly be glued to my devices. Video making demands a lot of screen time for filming and then editing. Not to mention when babies are fussing in the background it’s a little hard to get decent footage. Kudos to the YouTube mamas out there!

-Writing has always sort of come easily to me. In college I made A’s in my English classes and I never felt like I had to put forth much effort.

-You should always do things you enjoy in life, don’t waste time on things that aren’t making you totally happy!

So my intentions in writing all of this is not to diss the video creators in the world because I absolutely love watching them! And I am not saying that I will never make another video again, I am only saying that I feel at home in this blogging world and I very much look forward to connecting with you all!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Jess


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