Brain Dump – Randomness!

Brain Dump – Randomness!

Hey guys! How are things, how have you been? Can we just take a second to talk about this time change?! Unless you’re lucky enough (I think?) to live in Arizona where the time never changes. I don’t really know if that is a benefit because time change is all I have ever known. If you’re reading this from Arizona, what’s it like? Better? No? When I was younger I loved when it would get darker earlier because the night life seemed to come to life a lot sooner. But now, in adult world- I don’t like it as much. I love taking afternoon walks after work with my little family but now by the time I get home the sun is setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall and Winter times, but if we could just get a little more sun, that’d be great! I love the time of the year when there is the perfect balance of daylight!

So this is the first Holiday season for my husband and I as parents. I feel like as I’ve grown over the years I have gone through ups and downs of enjoying Christmas time. For the longest time I feel like I was such a grinch about listening to Christmas music and buying gifts (I stress about gift giving because I don’t feel like I am a good gift picker.) It wasn’t until about 3 years or so ago that I actually wanted to have a Christmas tree at home. I’m sure some of you are reading this like, REALLY Jess?! But now that we have  Oliver, I feel a new excitement. I actually listened to Christmas music this morning and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet! What is happening to me?! It’s fun to know that now we get to create our own traditions with our little family.

Anyone else slacking at the gym or with exercising lately? I have learned a lot over the years as far as health and fitness go, I’ll save that for a later post, but in short I’ve learned to go with the flow of this thing called life. I’ve had a lot going on lately between being sick, Ollie waking up in the night, being tired, and just not really wanting to lift. I do a lot of walking thanks to FitBit challenges so that definitely helps. I wouldn’t say I have been a complete couch potato but definitely less gym time lately. About a week and a half ago I started trying to get back in the groove by doing a few YouTube home workouts and yesterday I actually made it to the gym. I had so much energy all day, my coworkers were asking me if I had too much coffee. Exercise absolutely makes me feel better all around, and I love being sore! 


Thanks for stopping by and reading these random thoughts that float around in my head. Do you enjoy the holiday season? What traditions do you have? Are you a gym goer, FitBit user? Tell me something random!



9 thoughts on “Brain Dump – Randomness!

  1. Totally feeling the slacking on the gym and exercise in general. The boyfriend and I had gotten into a pretty good routine of running and going to the gym, but with us both starting new jobs, that’s fallen to the side. I do try to do at least 10 to 15 minutes in the morning on the yoga mat, mostly stretching and planks/lunges/bodyweight type stuff. I do track it on my FitBit so I know I’ve done something, and it helps with the small energy boost during the day, but it doesn’t bring the same satisfaction as a real, challenging and tiring workout at the gym. I did tell him we’re going to have to get back in it because if I keep stressing at work and stress eating I’m going to get fat again.

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    1. I’ve seen your posts! You’re a running machine lately! Just do what you have time for, like you’re doing now. Once you get used to your new work routines you’ll learn where you have time to fit the gym in. And you, fat?? Idk if that’s ever been true! Thanks for commenting! Loved hearing from you! Congrats on new jobs and new bf and new beginnings! Xo


  2. I totally have to start walking again…I can totally relate. Lucky you, it gets dark by 6 pm in Cali…but I feel like to get to sleep in more.


  3. I feel like I could have written this blog myself lol. I hate how dark it is, and as winter goes it it gets dark at like 4:30 here!! 😭 Also, I used to hate Xmas carols and now they have definitely grown on me. And as for fitness, I have finally been going to classes like 3x per week, and that definitely helps. When Guy or my mom is home to watch Ryder, I feel obligated to go since I don’t get that “me” time very often. Also been going for walks with Ry and the dogs in the early afternoon, but I know that will come to a halt once I go back to work.

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