November Favorites and Not So Favorites 2017

November Favorites and Not So Favorites 2017

Y’all, what the heck happened to November?! Where has this year gone? I swear it was JUST February and I was having my baby! People have always told me time flies after high school, which is true, but gah lee how quickly it flies when you have child(ren)! Anyway, heres to another monthly favorites!


-Anything from the Juvenile album- Reality Check- from 2006 (haha) something about it just brings out the inner wild girl in me. Also brings back memories from high school, riding up and down Ryan Street jamming music with tons of bass, turned up way too loud!


Rockstar by Post Malone– Terrible words, but I can’t stop jamming it. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can’t be, right?

-Unforgettable by French Montana & J. Balvin- was this in last months faves? I don’t remember y’all. If it was, I’m still jamming it! I only like the Spanish version though, I don’t even know what the english version says!


-Essence Lash Princess Volumizing Mascara– This one is WAY better than the purple tube I tried out last month! Definitely adds volume to the lashes as you would expect, doesn’t get clumpy, is SO cheap, and cruelty free of course! I am looking forward to trying out more from Essence.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 8.29.46 PM

-Wet n Wild One Step Wondergel nail polish- ok so I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t had this nail polish all month, but I do have other shades in this line and I LOVE them. This polish literally takes one coat, dries quickly, and lasts forever. The one coat thing isn’t true for all of the shades but definitely true for this emerald green shade Un-Teal Next Time, and the dusty rose shade in Stay Classy. I’ll keep y’all posted on other colors I come across with the same quality, but seriously run out and buy these!


-Hard Candy Primer Spray- This is definitely a flop for me. I have dry/normal skin so I thought this would be awesome to use as a setting spray to take away some of the powdery look. How wrong was I? This claims to be oil free but when you spray it, you can literally see where the droplets fall on your face, along with on the counter. It totally feels and smells like baby oil. I’ve tried it as a primer instead of a setting spray and it did okay. I didn’t find that it made much of a difference, not enough to recommend it at least.  I even tried spraying my beauty sponge with it when blending out my concealer to help add moisture back into my skin- again, didn’t do much.



-Nuby teeth and gum cleaner- This comes with a little finger tooth brush and baby toothpaste that smells like an orange push pop or orange cream sickle. It’s a good idea to get babies used to teeth brushing even before their chompers come out. My dentist told me that it’s important to use the baby toothpaste so that the minty-ness in adult toothpaste doesn’t burn their little mouth and make them not like teeth brushing. Ollie has 6 teeth now so we are brushing teeth like nobody’s business over here!


-Baby hats and beanies- We were gifted all of the beanies and hats we have for Ollie so I’m not quite sure where they came from but little man looks so cute with his little noggin warmers on!


-Target brand diapers- We’ve been using these for a few months now but I figured it’d be good to mention them. If you’re looking for a decently priced brand of diaper, try these! They seem so thin and as if they would be non absorbent, but they have definitely proved me wrong. The tee overflow in these are far and few in between, even overnight!

I’d love to know what you’re loving! Thanks for stopping by!



One thought on “November Favorites and Not So Favorites 2017

  1. I’ve always been skeptical of purchasing setting spray.

    The Other WetNWild nail polish line is baddd, I would recommend the one you’ve talked about above, as well 🙂

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