An Open Letter to My Son

An Open Letter to My Son

I am here to document all of the little things I love about YOU.


I love how you wake up in the mornings and just play quietly in your bed. I love to watch you entertain yourself for the longest time playing with tags on blankets, washrags, toys, and anything you can find. I love to look back at you in the truck to see you just watching the world go by. I love how you notice everything, such the observer. I love when you see yourself in the mirror and can’t stop smiling. I love how you lean your head back to watch the fan slow down when I flip it off. I love to hear you giggle when you notice Wendy (the cat), and know that she is ‘something.’ I love your belly laughs and how you play with my ear when you are falling asleep. I love your little toothy grin and the little dimples by your cheeks. I love the little sound you make when you yawn. I love that you are the most chill, sweetest baby ever. I love to watch you grow everyday. And most of all I love the person you have helped me become. You are mine and I love you forever!



5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Son

  1. So so sweet!
    A mother’s love is unconditional. It’s so great that it can’t be measured.
    I love my nephew and the mom/woman you’ve grown to be!
    You are a great mom!

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