Louisiana Snow Day!

Louisiana Snow Day!

Y’all it legit snowed in Southwest Louisiana! Andrew woke me up when he was going to work earlyyyy in the morning and told me it had snowed. I didn’t believe him because he is always joking around but he showed me a few pics on Facebook to prove it. I jumped out of bed and went outside to find a winter wonderland! And if you listened closely, you could hear others out in the neighborhood enjoying the snow! I was seriously overtaken with many different emotions! The excitement was unreal! It continued to snow for hours and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced! The weather was cold enough for the snow to last all day long around town and it was such an odd sight to see. Snowmen were found in almost everyones yards along the way to work, so neat!

There was so much snow that it looks like some of these photos were shot in black and white!


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