2018 Goals!

2018 Goals!


Hey guys! How are things? I skipped out on last weeks post, poor planning on my part. Anyway I am here today to talk about the new year and goals I plan to set for myself. I’m not usually one to make resolutions etc. for new year, but recently I have been thinking that there may be a few things that I want to accomplish in the coming year, and what better time to write these things down. (Plus 18 is my favorite number.) Maybe writing things down will help to manifest them into reality!

Recently I came across a YouTube video by Carah Amelie who talks about all of the books she’s read through the last half of the year. This girl can read! While watching her video I felt so inspired to pick up a book that I’ve had sitting by my bed for probably a year now. Isn’t that a shame? Haha. Now that Ollie can entertain himself for a while and goes to bed at a reasonable time, I feel like I actually have time to read. So I am making it my goal to read more in the coming year and possibly write some posts about them.

So, a goal is something you aim for in hopes of completing or achieving, right? I would like to do some form of bullet journaling and just keep track of how many workouts I complete throughout the year or how many books I read. Just something for fun, a creative, analytical outlet if you will.

Another goal I have is to put all of the printed photos I have of our little family into photo albums. I’ve done a good job at printing the pictures from my phone periodically, but they just stay in the photo holders in a drawer. A few years ago after a trip to Colorado I was talking to my dad who encouraged me to print out our photos. He said that no one seems to print pictures like they used to. It’s true, a lot of people just let pictures pile up on their phone, then either get a new phone or break their phone and lose the memories. It’s nice to have something to hold and see, that everyone can look back on- and pictures can be passed on for years!

There are plenty of things that I could write down, but for now these few goals are good enough for me. I know myself, if I set too many goals, none of them will end up happening. As I accomplish these, I will replace them with new goals-I mean, it doesn’t take a year to do the things I have listed, but I have to be realistic here.

What are your goals for the new year?



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