My Bullet Journal for 2018

My Bullet Journal for 2018

Hey guys! Happy New Year’s Eve! Do y’all have anything planned to celebrate the new year? We usually go to my parents and sit around a fire, snuggled in blankets while making s’mores!

So in my last post I mentioned that one of my goals for the new year was to journal some of my habits in a bullet journal-esq style. Well, that turned into a rabbit hole of looking up YT videos and searching Pinterest. My mom has been bullet journaling for a little while now and invited me to go to Michael’s Craft store to test out some of the products usually used for bullet journaling like washi tape, stamp, and pens.


So today I wanted to share my progress so far in my bullet journal. I’ve set up my year long pages as well as most of my pages for January! It’s so fun to doodle and try out new layouts. My theme for January is snowflakes and the color blue. I plan to buy a new Tombow marker every month to theme my monthly spreads and by then end of the year I will have a nice collection of colors to use for 2019!

My journal and pen collection so far! I also use a pencil to pre draw my lines, and an eraser.
Simple introduction to the new year!
Love my little cacti


yes, I cheated a little and wrote book down that I finished 2 days ago
Still need to do some coloring
I am most excited to see how my year of workouts turns out!
I just search Pinterest for ideas and copy the ones I like


I love the way this spread turned out


I used washi tape from Michael’s for this spread
some of my little habits are silly to track but I get so much satisfaction ticking them off

Do you bullet journal? I hope my spreads serve as inspiration! Would you like to see more of these posts, maybe on a monthly basis, sort of like a plan with me? Let me know!




4 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal for 2018

  1. It looks awesome so far! I love looking at Bullet journal ideas on Pinterest and Instagram but haven’t actually bit the bullet yet myself (I’m doing a sort of bullet journal-esque pregnancy diary but it’s not a full calendar or anything). Keep it up! I look forward to seeing what you do with it in the coming months.

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    1. Oh that’s a neat idea! I wish i would have kept up with pregnancy journaling. I did make sure to take monthly pics tho and still do each month that Ollie grows! I also keep a jornal for/about Oliver- about his milestones and the things that he’s doing at the time.

      And yes! I get sucked in to Looking at bullet journal videos & pics on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.


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